Payday Jail

My first time having to borrow from a pay day loan was in 2014. I had just moved into my first apartment and because of how my check fell I had to borrow money u til my payday came up. I borrowed from Instant cash advance on 28th street in Wyoming, Michigan. I only needed to borrow 200 dollars until my paycheck but after all of the paper work was done I was advised I could potentially borrow up to 600 dollars. I declined the 600 dollars and went with the original 200 I needed. I recieved the paperwork to sign and she stated I would have to pay 229.49 back.  At the time it did not seem like alot of money because I was going to be getting paid soon. When the time rolled around to pay the money I noticed in order for me to make it til next pay check im going to need more money to get buy. I went and paid the 229.49 and  asked to reborrow the 200 again. The cycle continued for months because when I paid the money I was left with two choices, borrow more money or struggle for two weeks. I borrowed again and again and this cycle went on for months. It felt like a never ending cycle. Still in the cycle I had to quit my job due to me going into early labor and losing my child. During that time I was unable to pay the money back because I did not have a source of income. I went and explained my situation to the advance cash people and they explained to me only thing they coukd do was give me a teo week extension but nothing else could be done for me. I could not meet the deadline so I just decided to pay a litte amount here and there. Around  four to fice months later Instarted working again and contacted the office to see how much I owed so I could oay the balance off. I was told the balance is no longer with them and they would not be able to accept payment and she proceeded to give me a number to contact to pay the balance . I advised her I did not want tongo through the collection agency because I did not want to pay more then what I owed . She stated that they would not take the payment and I would be hearing from the collection agency. I soon heard from the collection agency a couple months later. I was called and advised that I now owe 567.00 and if I did not pay it I would be put in jail for not paying the loan amount. I had just started working and I did not have the money to pay the balance but also did not want to risk going to jail. The gentleman on the phone was so forceful that if I did not pay the balance with them I would be subjected to jail time and would still have to pay the money. I asked him could I make a payment arrangement and he said yes. He advised me in order to avoid the jail time I would have to pay 175.00 on the phone right at the moment and two weeks from that date pay the remaining 392.00. I really did not have the money and I was at work when this conversation took place. I left work to borrow money from a relative to put in my bank account for them to draft so that I was not placed in jail. Two weeks later he called again and advised they would need the rest of their money and if I did not have it all they would give me another payment arrangement but would have to add interest for extending the time. I ended up paying them the remaining amount but because it was an unexpected expense and my credit was not good I could not go to a bank to get a loan I eventually ended back at the advance cash place to borrow more money to get by and the cycle started over again. After speaking with a couple peers I was informed they could not lock me up for not repaying the loan and that the original creditor could have taken the payment I was furious because my freedom was theratened and I was put back in a cycle I was trying to avoid. Once you borrow from them even one time you have to make a choice either suffer after you oay them or borrow again. Falling victim to the situation is very easy and hard to get out of. It would be alot easier if banks worked with individuals who does not have the best credit rating instead of pushing them to options thats only going to make their situation worse.

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