I didn’t know

Well, I started using the payday loan a long time ago. It was told to me by a lady at the bus stop. she say that I could get money from a place and have extra cash every month to spend. well I was excited about that. Since I am on a monthly income, I thought wow! that would be awesome, I want to buy things that I could never have the money for out of my check. So I went to a payday loan. It was great!

well after awhile I started going and going, but couldn’t stop! Mainly because, I would have to take out the money every month to help pay the bills I had, because the loan always took away my money. Well that went on for awhile, then one day I told a friend from my church about it, so she helped me out. She pay off the loan, then I paid her back slowly over a 6 months payment plan.

well that was okay, but then the holiday came up the next year and I went back to the pay day loan. I got into it once again, for another year! I felt like I couldn’t stop. I bought dolls after dolls, that’s the reason I was doing the loans in the first place. I am a doll collector. Anyway I never knew that the loan place was a bad thing. I was getting extra money every month to spend. But a few months ago, my church had to help me pay my rent, because I went to pay off my loan in Michigan and it took out most of my check! It was so hard, because I could even do a second loan after that. I am still struggling with loans. I took out one on November 1. Now it is smaller I only took out $200, but I will still have to take out again to pay it back plus my bills.

It’s very harmful to do the Pay day loan, because I learned that you pay extra back to them when you take out the loan. And it is very hard to get off of it, believe me I am trying…20160705_072514.jpg

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